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Hornblower Icons

icons, ho!

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All Members , Moderated
.GUIDELINES / / / / / / /
001. when posting more than three icons, use an LJ cut
002. give credit where credit is due, and follow each poster's rules.

003. requests are allowed in moderation
004. please do not post links to friends-locked entries.
005. actor-centric posts are allowed only if there are Hornblower graphics in the mix.
006. icon theft is not allowed in any way, shape or form. do no take other people's work and try to pass it off as your own.
007. if you feel like breaking out of the 100x100px box and want to post other HH graphics (banners, WPs, moodthemes, etc) feel free!
008. pimping/promoting other sites/communities is allowed as long as it's Hornblower related.
009. All posts must include icons/graphics. No spamming of the community, please. Any posts not containing graphics will be deleted. Check out mr_hornblower if you'd like to talk about the pretty sailor boys.
.RESOURCES / / / / / / /
# two evil monks: guide to hh
# ioan online
# jamie bamber.co.uk
# curiously intruiging
# the attic: hh caps

>>image hosting
# photobucket
# weblog images
# image shack

.AFFILIATES / / / / / / /

ageofsail_icons > > gruff_graphics